Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vancouver Cops and Kids Day

Vancouver continues to unveil many of the events designed to educate and create more awareness for residents about personal preparedness and using ICE.

This past weekend involved the Police, Fire and EMS along with the Vancouver Community Policing organization VACPC in a yearly public event that brings the public in contact with their public safety crews.

Vancouver's Cops and Kids 2010
was another "fantastic" success - this time ICE played a roll.

September 25Th is annual Community Policing Day in Vancouver and more events are scheduled with ICE playing a big part. Enthusiasm for adopting ICE as a common sense safety tool has spread quickly from the city organized events to the National Police Force - the RCMP as well as multinational businesses that have come to recognize the value of having their emergency action planning symbol reflect that of the local community.

Having community and business emergency action plans that compliment each other makes perfect sense because it reduces confusion which leads to mistakes and chaos. Since your employees come from the community, having them participate using ICE 24/7 can maintain the awareness and efficacy of your company program. There are considerable ways ICE can be used by business to invigorate their safety programs...many have called it a "no brainer".

We look forward to the continued adoption of ICE throughout the Province of British Columbia and to all the other provinces of Canada!

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