Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ICE in Your Vehicle - Example

This photo submitted came from Florida where hundreds of thousands of citizens have been using ICE as a preparedness tool. This particular vehicle was equipped with an ICE Sticker on the glove box so first responders could access emergency medical information in an an accident scene or other medical emergency.
Having the same icon (2x2" ICE Sticker) on the rear or side window (drivers side) would alert responders that this info is "on board" and available.
Be redundant - have ICE Cards in your wallet along with Emergency Medical Info forms, have your cell phones programmed with contact and emergency info and of course use Smart-ICE if you have a smart phone! Make sure your contacts have your critical medical info on hand as well.
ICE4SAFETY has just created a "Current Medication List" that people can use to provide EMS with an expedient way to evaluate if your medications are involved with the medical emergency and what protocol to follow.
Do something for yourself and family this preparedness month and beyond!

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