Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Name is Earl....

Just not the sitcom ..... This one is now a Cat 3 down from a Cat 4 and with Tropical Storms.

Optimal time for preparation has passed as evacuation orders are being given for outlying areas.....would you be ready?

Typical interviews with the "person on the street" leaving the big box store with cases of bottle water confirms that some people at least heed the advance notice but not soon enough. Why put yourself in a position to rely on bottled water when you can have much more manageable storage options.

Preparedness savvy types that reside in the cross hairs of this storm already have a month's supply of water/food on hand to start (3 gallons per day per person minimum) realizing that the 3 for 3 mantra of the government relief agencies is a bit deficient in that many such emergencies will extend beyond those 3 days. Then what?

Some best bets for water storage are military/marine water containers (Scepter Brand), 5 gallon size treated with Iodine, Chlorine or Liquid Oxygen for longer term storage.

Ceramic / Carbon water purifier devices prepositioned with your water stores will ensure the safety and quality of your emergency water supply. Store it out of the sunlight in a cool place. UV purifiers can be used for your backpack evac bag along with iodine or chlor-floc tabs.

10-15 of these jugs will take up some room but offer some portability and a means of sharing if that is in your plan. $10-25 per jug get expensive as well. Free and clean food grade 5 - 6 gallon pails sealed up could work - don't forget your pail top removers (99 cents at Lowe's paint department).

Options include various other sized containers like 15-30-55 gallon drums which can weigh in around 250 - 470 pounds. Waterbobs can be used in your tub and filled up shortly before needed....inexpensive (
Barrels are hard to move and hand powered pumps or racking equipment would be required in a power out situation. We have blogged about this before.....use the search function here.... for more up to the minute weather/emergency info

Food stores next......

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