Tuesday, July 7, 2009

EMP Attacks on USA - Update

Here is an organization dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of information in relation to Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks against the free world.

While Nuclear Arms reduction discussions are in play with Russia and the USA, smaller rogue states still persist in obtaining and even making claims about utilizing these weapons as soon as they are perfected...which by most accounts will not be long from now. Other states that have these weapons are becoming increasingly unstable politically.

It is certainly continues to be a dangerous world we live in where the actions of what might have been considered minor players in past years can now have considerable devastating impact on our freedom and continued existence.

You might think that society has advanced to a point where we can have rational discussion about these threats to humanity, but the reality is we will always have dysfunctional and power hungry despots bent on controlling and destroying others. Maybe now it is even easier to do so.

Check out the information, learn more and take note of becoming less susceptible to this kind of attack on our country. We have blogged about this topic previously so check that out too.


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