Monday, July 20, 2009

Ergonomics for Emergency Workers

Yes, Even Emergency First Responders suffer injuries related to their profession - and quite frequently in fact.

One first responder who just happens to know what to do about preventing these ergonomic issues as well as how to provide physical therapy once you acquire them is George Barrett, Cicero, NY FD Fire Capt., MPT, EMT-B.

George has designed a training course to specifically to help first responders perform their vital tasks in a safer and more ergonomically correct manner.

As you may know, cumulative trauma disorders (CTD's) like carpal tunnel for instance are a result of many minor injuries over time that result in disability. So, our firefighters, paramedics, police and other emergency service volunteers who are asked to perform herculean tasks on a moments notice are prime candidates for these disorders and statistics prove it.

The course can be delivered via PowerPoint in about 2 hours with hands on demonstration and is called "Body Mechanics and Ergonomics for Emergency Workers."

If your agency is looking to stem the tide of these injuries please contact Mr. Barrett 0700-1900 EDT M-F at 315.449.4118 (Fitness Forum - Dewitt, NY) for more information and assistance.

Email at

Let's face it, if our first and last line of defense is hurting and disabled then where does that leave the rest of us? Thank you Capt. Barrett!

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