Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Press Release - smart-ICE

Press Release



EMS Options, LLC and ICE4SAFETY.COM have forged a strategic alliance today to advance the concept of "smart-ICE", the latest application of the emergency preparedness concept recognized internationally as “ICE” for electronic devices worldwide. This collaboration will also help standardize the ICE “In Case of Emergency” symbols for Smartphone’s, leading to easy recognition by Police, Fire and EMS personnel worldwide.

Tim Green
EMS Options, LLC.

EMS Alert, the smart I-Phone “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) application designed to help Fire/EMS and Emergency Room personnel save more lives, adopts a new name and symbol to better represent it’s life saving capabilities, adopting the internationally known symbol from ICE4SAFETY and creating this new identity.

EMS Options, LLC released an iphone application on May 9th, 2009 under the name “EMS Alert” and is now changing the icon to one of the most recognized ICE symbols in the world! This transformation is to help minimize confusion by emergency personnel. After searching for a back-up solution that would insure redundancy, we have teamed up with ICE4Safety who is one of the originators of the ICE concept in the United States and is the most recognized ICE symbol in the world.

Police, Fire and EMS personnel are being exposed to new “Smartphone” applications that provide more than just the phone numbers of contacts in the event of an emergency. They are able to provide critical medical information, such as allergies, medications, medical history and much, much more.
This is great news and it will help people prepare in advance for that unforeseen emergency, but it can be confusing for emergency personnel. The numerous icons or symbols used to identify the ICE applications are not standardized and may be overlooked by emergency personnel who are not familiar with all of the different types of “ICE” symbols or cell phone’s functions.

For the reasons listed above and being convinced that the philosophy and goals of the two organizations are the same, EMS Options, LLC is immediately renaming their EMS Alert “ICE” application “smart-ICE”, utilizing the icon above.

The new “smart-ICE” application will still have all of the same critical features, but will be more easily recognized by emergency personnel.

For more detailed information about this significant advance, visit our respective web sites @ and

EMS Options, LLC, has over 23 years experience in the Information Technology field, and extensive cellular programming knowledge. This is combined with over 30 years Fire/EMS experience to provide intuitive, easy to use applications.

ICE4SAFETY.COM has a combined 34 years of EMS/Police and active Safety Consulting experience advancing the multi-disciplined concept of personal preparedness through the use of the internationally recognized ICE Trademarked Images.

smart-ICETM” is the standard that everyone is trying emulate!

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