Saturday, July 4, 2009

ICE Marketing Gimmicks - Part 1

Yup - we found what was billed as an important personal safety product next to Cat Food in Aisle 10 at our local big box store! Look at all the smiling faces....huh?

When we approached a woman carrying one of these in the store and gave her a free ICE Kit she promptly threw this item back on the shelf and said thank you!

These marketing gimmicks are all over the Internet and finding them represented in your local big box drug store or shopping club is meaningless in respect to the reputation or actual usefulness of the product. We already mentioned the lack of safety savvy by marketers in these retail establishments - they are essentially clueless.

The companies that peddle them don't have any other interest in your personal safety or that of your community and no investment in it either - they simply need to sell you their product.

All they want to do is suck you in with the same scheme of getting you to subscribe to yearly fee for hosting your personal data online and to purchase some unnecessary additional software. Some people aren't very discerning as we all know.

Don't fall for that "secure server" or "doctor endorsed" nonsense either. When the company folds in a year or so then what happens to your information? Most times it is sold to another marketer.

You need to keep your own data secure and do it yourself - period.

It is FREE.

Online we have the Critical Info Record Form at the Do it Yourself Page (DIY)

Anyone can place this on their own USB Portable Drive and affix an ICE sticker (free) recognized internationally and available with your free ICE KIT by SASE:

ICE4SAFETY, PO BOX 82, Dewitt, NY 13214

You can get encryption with the USB Drives you can buy from Memorex, San Disk, Verbatim and other reputable well established companies. If you want to go nuts you can get secure data drives the military uses for $150...but you don't need to.

We were up to $75 and counting for this particular gizmo.... Probably why the lady in the store tossed this thing back so fast.....

We don't have an actor in a white meat cutter jacket endorsing the ICE4SAFETY public service but we have something much better - those who are already using it.

Are you catching on yet? Hope so. We'll report - you decide.....

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