Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ICE - Around the World

OK so this is a few years old.... we have current one's - but the Italians, Germans, French, Chinese, English, Canadians and people from 85 other countries sure are hitting the ICE4SAFETY website quite a bit!

Maybe you thought ICE is just in your neighborhood.....or if is not then you might inquire with local government officials and police/fire/ems as to why it is not.

Some local ambulance corps are offered a deal to promote an alert tool or device that no one has ever heard of or recognizes - but if someone actually buys one - they get a portion of the sale.

So how many is that in your neighborhood.....like one? Is your medical products retailer still trying to boost sales of some electronic buzzer toy to make your disabled grandmother feel safer...and when it doesn't work??? Go ahead and name another place where it might be recognized and supported by local fire/ems.......go ahead.

Bad idea.....for you.

Get the real deal.....still free by SASE. www.ice4safety.com

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