Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lubbock Texas Area Introduces ICE 7-4-09

The EMS/ER's/Fire/School Systems/Police in the Lubbock, Texas area have selected the Independence Weekend Holiday to roll out the formal introduction of ICE by starting out with the first responders themselves!

The logic here was simple according to Paramedic/Nurse/Organizer Kari (Kat) Kotara - "you can't expect members of the community to use a safety system (ICE) that we do not use ourselves!"
Makes perfect sense. Common sense in fact - and plenty of it. First Responders are not invincible.

Roll Call Training is being commenced for all represented agencies and Emergency Rooms that are in the UMC Health System and including some surrounding areas like Plainview, Texas.

Let's see we have West Carlise Fire/EMS, Emergency Nurses Association, Plainview Fire, Ralls EMS...and the list is growing ...all parts of the UMC/EMS System.
We will undoubtedly be hearing more from these groups shortly!

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