Monday, August 3, 2009

What Works and What Doesn't!

When you are good - people copy what you do - some do it badly as we have see with ICE applications and other ICE safety related products......some real badly.
ICE4SAFETY went to OHIO to this past week to review the introduction of the new iPhone application and saw first hand how smart-ICETM works (and how some others did not).
This application is awesome - easy to use, intuitive, logical and has plenty of features that make it work in so many useful ways to help save you life if called upon. It was designed by a fella who was in that very situation.....and has a passion for making sure this works for everyone.
We have shared that same passion here at ICE4SAFETY for some time which is why we do what we do - we have worked the street and are now giving back to the communities we once served.
It sometimes is troubling to see people making claims about safety that they cannot back up - like these merchants claiming to provide free ICE Cards and other items.......we've been doing it for years.
Please - don't settle for junk.
Take a few extra moments and evaluate all the aspects of your purchase and how it can be used - and what support you have. We mentioned this in earlier blogs.... we don't have any guys in white lab coats running around claiming to be doctors promoting the ICE products - we don't need to.
We spent considerable time working and updating this and all the other applications for ICE and will continue to do so.
Next week we anticipate the introduction of the family version of this application!
Remember: Never rely on any one device or method to ensure your safety - think redundancy!

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