Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bicycle Safety - ICE is Perfect Companion

We visited our local bicycle shop this weekend to update some equipment before a ride and inquired about what the shop had done to promote bike safety among riders young and old.....we were informed about some verbal support for helmet safety laws...not much else actually and there was no high profile safety messages observed on the store website.
Needless to say we were disappointed - especially when a well publicized incident of a bicyclist being killed just a year ago having no identification created such a public outcry.....well at least the volunteer ambulance corp (Amber) that responded to the incident rolled out an ICE Program for the local community this Spring - Good Going Amber Ambulance!
Imagine your bike shop providing ICE Stickers and ICE Cards and valuable info to patrons of your store and at cycling events? It can also be used on your website to attract attention to your shop from around the world......nice!
How about placing your shop name and email or web address on the cards that people will carry 24/7 all year long? You can't get that level of advertising for pennies anywhere else can you? Stop buying all these unrecognized low budget and essentially useless devices that will be ignored....and also do not rely on any one method or system for your safety - be redundant!
What a truly cost effective way to improve safety in your community and promote your sporting business at the same time.
Some merchants have figured it out ....others might takes some more time - It could have a positive impact on safety as well as your bottom line.

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