Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School !

It's that time again...summer winding down and some colleges already are in session.

With school comes extracurricular activities like ski club, soccer, xc track and others that require travel.

Parents, are you absolutely confident that your child's safety is well in hand or might there be something else you could do - or that your school could do to ensure the safety of your children?

Each year about 800 school age children are killed in motor vehicle incidents during the regular school hour travel periods.

Approximately 2% of those killed are bus related.
Private passenger vehicle deaths account for 74%
Pedestrian and Bicycle accidents account for 22%

One way might be to make sure they come back to school prepared by using ICE - some common sense thoughts when travelling to school:

Be cognizant of your route to school - delays, construction areas, detours.

Start out early to school...that way you won't be forced to rush and take chances or be subject to be late due to road delays.

Wear high visibilty clothing when walking - when driving don't tailgate the bus - stay back.

Stay off the phone and do not text when driving your kids to school.

Make sure walking students know enough not to use phones or text when in traffic so they can be fully aware of others who are driving and also may not be paying attention.

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