Saturday, August 8, 2009

Practical Shooting for Preparedness

We were all fortunate enough to have watched 2 of the US Army Marksmanship Unit shooters demonstrate their superlative pistol shooting skills at the USPSA 2009 Northeast Invitational Practical Shooting Competition at Pathfinder Fish and Game Club in Fulton, New York.

Pictured here with Mark B is (L - R) Travis Tomasie and Lee Dimaculangan

Both Shooters Were Winners at the Event!
Travis was the first place finisher for the Limited Class Competiton
Lee was first place finisher for the Open Class Competition

See Lee on YouTube

See Travis on YouTube

Gentlemen we appreciate your service to our country and darn good shooting!

Watch CH12 Fox News in Oregon Story on Practical Shooting:

Shooters of all ages (juniors to seniors) and skill levels can participate in IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition) at ranges across the country. Many travelled across the country to participate at this sporting event. About 300 are competing this year.

ICE4SAFETY also provided ICE KITS to shooters at the event since ICE is practical too!

Learn more about USPSA and Practical Shooting at especially if you have or are considering the acquisition of a firearm for preparedness purposes or self defense.
IPSC also entails rifle and shotgun shooting skill competition as well.

Glock Firearms sponsors shooting events at various ranges across the country for all skill levels. Learn more about Glock Shooting Matches/Training at

Watch Travis Shoot a Stage

Watch Lee Shoot the Same Stage .....

See USA Today Survey on 2nd Ammendment:

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