Monday, August 3, 2009

ICE4SAFETY Meets EMS-Options LLC 8-09

Meet 2 of the folks bringing you smart-ICETM
Tim Green and Mark Balduzzi (missing is Wil Craport)
We think it is important to make sure you know who we are and that we are committed to making sure these Smartphone Applications are fully supported and work as they were designed to do.
I was impressed with the ease and functionality of the application at work.
We hope you appreciate the time, effort and experience we put into this.

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  1. As Mark has said, we are very committed to giving you the best product along with great customer service! We look forward to getting smart-ICE and smart-ICE4family's out to every smartphone in the world. Bad things even happen to good people, so help yourself minimize the trauma of the situation.....USE "ICE" and smart-ICE!!!


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